Camlever manufactures many styles of concrete buckets, each designed to excel in specific job applications. All of our buckets feature a rugged, high strength, light weight, tubular construction and the large, exclusive, Camlever variable-leverage gate that offers easier operator control, prevents segregation, and has a 4:1 mechanical advantage over other buckets. 
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Parts are always a concern when purchasing construction equipment. Camlever fabricates every part of every product it produces with the exception of a few rubber parts. Rest assured you are covered with on hand parts support if needed with any Camlever product. Camlever also offers support for maintinance and repair of our product. Click here to check out our warranty.

Trash Material Handlers

Camlever also manufactures trash material handlers, trash chutes, and dumpsters that are unmatched in design and unsurpassed in quality and ease of use. Whether lifted by crane or forklift, these products are built with safety in mind and offer semi-automatic, single operator controlled dumping.  A must have for any job site.
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To compliment our buckets Camlever has designed a complete line of accessories to enhance the functionality and ease of use for most any situation you may encounter. Camlever has the ability to customize the product for any situation you may need including buckets, material handlers, accessories, trash chutes and more. Click here to see some of our accessories for buckets.

Camlever Special Save 10%

  Get 10% off 4 yard round laydown buckets while they last. Contact your dealer for details. Limited to quantities on hand.

Camlever Support
Camlever Customer Support is beyond reproach. We offer many ways to contact us for any reason almost any time. You will get unsurpassed attention to whatever your needs from the people who design,build, service and supply our products.


Attention to Details
It's in our warranty and shows in our product. Every item Camlever makes is made to an exact specification every time. The item is checked at every stage for proper fit, exact welds and overall mechanical functionality. Attention to detail is what Camlever is all about.

The Best Placement Buckets
More people find that Camlever Buckets not only work easier, but last longer and cost less then any other bucket on the planet. Try for yourself and see why most people choose Camlever.


An Industry Leader
The Camlever bucket design was born out of a need for ease of loading, pouring and overall efficiancy in the 1960's, and is still the leader today. Read "How It Began" to find out more.

Custom Build It
There are times when only a custom built peice of equipment will do the job. Camlever has the ability to fabricate any request you may have to get the job done. Contact us with your ideas.


Camlever has been around for many years and has helped out many companies with their problems. We pride ourselves for being flexible when we can to help you , our customer succeed.